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IN/SECTS Vol. 12(English version)「A discovery into the real Osaka」





In this issue of the local culture magazine “IN/SECTS,” our Osaka-based editorial team focuses on “sightseeing,” introducing the people, places, and things that are unique to this amazing city. For the first time ever, we are issuing an English-language version of the book in PDF format. Please enjoy!  ローカル・カルチャーマガジン『IN/SECTS』の最新号では、 「大阪観光」と題し、大阪を拠点とする編集部が目線を“観光”に変えて、この街ならではのヒト・モノ・コトを紹介しています。 今回は初の試みとして、本書の英語版をPDFにて発行致します。ぜひ、お楽しみください。 <CONTENTS> P03 New must-see shops in Osaka P12 Osaka Sign Watching Tour P16 Osaka Nana-haka meguri(seven tomb-tour) P19 The First Nishinari Experience P21 Mr. Doi Yoshiharu    Stories about Osaka food P26 Avenues and streets in Osaka P28 Characteristic record shop cruise in Osaka P31 14 New Standard Food Souvenirs P33 Local Goods as Souvenirs P35 Bar hopping with three girls of Osaka P39 NEXT GENERATIONS of Osaka